Transactional Website or Quote & Lead – What’s Your Need?

Options can be confusing. Unclear options are worse. Unclear options when it’s a pricing plan…well, that can just put you off making a choice at all!

Pricing plans are a common sight for any online subscription service, even in the travel industry. Most of us will barely (if at all) skim the product description before going straight to the pricing page to see what we get and whether it’s going to break the bank!

Truth be told, a long table of features with green check marks and red crosses don’t always help you understand what you’re getting (or not getting!).

So what are your options? Get a company rep on the phone to explain the fine print? Or maybe you just pick the one that looks good and / or fits your budget and hope for the best. 

It’s a rare thing to change your subscription once you’ve purchased it. If you do change it, you want it to be because your needs have changed…not because you made a mistake! So when you choose your Pathfndr plan, let’s make sure you choose right the first time.

Here’s what you get under Pathfndr’s two available subscription models – 1) Quote and Lead Creation, and 2) B2C Transactional Website.

Website Customisation Features

Customisation Features Pricing Plan

Your Pathfndr-powered website is extremely personalisable and that remains true, irrespective of your plan type. You will always have the flexibility to add, change, or remove what you display on your website – think of it as your very own canvas, and yourself as the constantly reinventing artist. 

Learn more about your website setup flexibility here.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Pricing Plan

In the B2C Transactional Website, you will be able to complete the entire booking process on your Pathfndr website. To do this, you must configure your payment gateway (a subject we shall address in a future post). If you have something in place, we highly recommend that you also provide customer care details.

In the Quote and Lead plan, as your bookings are carried out offline, you will not have access to the payment gateway feature.

Dynamic Packages

Enormous inventory distilled into a unique trip that meets your traveller’s budget, schedule, and personal preferences – in less than a minute – is what gives you, the Pathfndr-powered travel advisor, the winning edge.

Dynamic Packages Pricing Plan

As a registered subscriber to any Pathfndr plan, you have complete access to dynamic packages and all related features. Depending on your plan selection, you can use it to create your package quote or proceed down the seamless, online discovery-to-booking process.

Flights, Hotels / Apartments, and Activities

Much like holiday packages, you can also search for (and book) individual travel components. Your search results are ranked for suitability by various criteria and also contain additional points of information.

In the case of activities, you can also perform a substantial amount of schedule manipulation (meaning that you can move activities to different times and dates, as per traveller convenience).

Flights and Hotels Pricing Plan
Activities Pricing Plan

However, the booking facility for any of these features is available only on the B2C Transactional Website plan, as it requires a functioning payment gateway. Advisors on the Quote plan will have to complete the booking process offline.

Airport Transfers and Intercity Cabs

While airport transfers can be part of a package or an independent search, intercity cabs (a service exclusive to India) are a separate service that is not included within a package booking. 

That being said, intercity cabs can be booked alongside another existing booking (of any type) to become an added part of the trip. For example, for a package from Mumbai to Bangalore, you could also make a separate booking for a short trip from Bangalore to Coorg within the overall package duration.

Airport transfers and intercity cabs pricing plan

Both airport transfers and intercity cabs are premium features accessible only to those subscribed to the B2C Transactional Website plan. Quote-subscribed advisors can neither search for nor book these services on the Pathfndr website. This will become available to you on plan upgrade.

Other Features

Agent Booking Dashboard

The booking management dashboard is also exclusively available only to those on the B2C subscription plan. This is where you can view and manage your bookings, and access your vouchers and invoices, etc. Future functionality will include features like discount and voucher modules and booking confirmations via SMS (presently available on email).

Mobile Site and Website Analytics

Presently under development, these two features will shortly be available to advisors on both subscription plans

Other Features Pricing Plan

At present, switching between subscription plans can only be done offline; you can contact us on if you’d like to change to another plan. You can reach out to us there for any other kind of assistance as well!

As a registered Pathfndr client, you will receive regular updates from us covering new releases and future features. Please feel free to write in or comment here if you have any questions about these features and whether they will be available to you under your selected subscription plan. 

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